Is Dark Labs Crack Pre Workout Banned?

CRACK pre workout is a DMAA pre workout released in 2019 by Polish supplement company Dark Labs. Crack drew attention with the bold inclusion of 120 mg of DMAA on its ingredient label. This dosage is significantly higher than what is typically included in DMAA pre workouts (typically 60 mg to 75 mg), but Is Dark Labs Crack Pre Workout Banned?

What makes Crack pre workout doubly interesting is its impressive portfolio of pump ingredients. Based on the label alone, this may be the rare pre workout that delivers on energy and pumps. New in April 2021 is Crack Gold from Dark Labs! But does Crack deliver or is it another pre workout with an over-hyped label? Let’s see.

Is Dark Labs Crack Pre Workout Banned?

Fortunately, Crack does live up to the expectations set up by its label. As the name suggests, this is not a pre workout supplement for beginners. It’s all there: the focus, energy, and mood elevation expected from DMAA with the pumps expected from citrulline malate, agmatine sulfate, arginine silicate, and VASO6. There’s a little bit of aggression in the mood effects, but not too much.

There’s definitely a real sense of urgency, productivity, and focus with Crack. On top of the really nice pump effects, Crack is a pre workout that will satisfy most advanced users. This definitely is not one for beginners and would serve as a great introduction to stim junkie pre workouts for intermediate users.

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Crack Gold Pre Workout Ingredients

Here’s the ingredient label of Crack. What impresses me most about the label is that just about every ingredient included here has a clinical (or above) dosage. There really are not any window dressing ingredients to be seen in Crack pre workout.

Citrulline Malate – 8 grams Crack pre workout contains 8 grams of citrulline malate, which is a clinical dosage of the ingredient. This will really help you get a great pump going during your workout. Beta Alanine – 3 grams The 3 grams of beta alanine in Crack is solid, just shy of the typical 3.2 gram dosage seen in most pre workouts. Taken daily, this ingredient will help increase your power output.

Agmatine Sulfate – 1.5 grams 1.5 grams of agmatine sulfate is an excellent dosage for helping boost nitric oxide in the bloodstream, helping give you a massive pump. Arginine Silicate – 1 gram Another pump ingredient, the 1 gram dosage of arginine silicate in Crack is spot on.

Beet Root Powder – 1 gram A natural source of betaine, beet root powder helps improve cardiovascular capacity and endurance. VASO6 – 300 mg VASO6 is a patented ingredient to increase blood flow and nitric oxide production. Crack pre workout contains 300 mg, which is an excellent dosage.

Choline Bitartrate – 500 mg Choline is included as a cognition booster. 500 mg is a great dosa ge and on the upper end of a typical daily dose. Caffeine Anhydrous – 400 mg I don’t think there’s any need to explain caffeine, but I’ll comment that Crack’s 400 mg caffeine dose is great. 1,3 Dimethylamylamine HCL (DMAA) – 120 mg Ah yes, the star of the show: DMAA.

120 mg of DMAA is a very high dosage and I definitely recommend taking 1 scoop of Crack pre workout to start out. DMAA doses in pre workout tend to range from 50 mg to 75 mg, so seeing 120 mg of DMAA in Crack is definitely a surprise.

Alternative: Buy Pure DMAA Powder Online and add it to other pre workouts yourself. According to Wikipedia, sceletium tortuosum extract may improve mood while also decreasing anxiety, stress, and tension. It is a stimulant that can produce euphoric feeling. This is a pretty unique ingredient that I do not see often in pre workout, so it’s interesting that Crack has included this.

Grains of Paradise – 15 mg Grains of paradise is a non-stimulant fat burner. However, 15 mg may be a little low, as successful human studies of this supplement used doses of 30 mg and 40 mg daily (source).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dark Labs Crack Pre Workout Banned?

No, it is not banned.

Does Crack pre workout contain DMAA?

Yes, the ingredient label on Crack claims that it contains 120 mg of DMAA. While this is difficult to prove, the effects of the pre workout suggest this is a legitimate claim.

Where is Crack pre workout manufactured?

Crack is manufactured by Dark Labs, a polish company. It appears to be manufactured in Poland.

How much caffeine does Crack pre workout have?

Crack has 400 mg of caffeine anhydrous.

Are there any special versions of Crack?

Yes, holiday versions were released for Halloween and Christmas. These are quite difficult to find, so if you see one be sure it scoop it up.

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