How Much DMAA Is In Dark Labs Crack Gold?

Crack Gold is a limited edition pre workout supplement by Dark Labs. Dark Labs is one of my favorite companies of ALL TIME. They have made amazing products like Herolean and Adrenaline, but How Much DMAA Is In Dark Labs Crack Gold?

In this Crack Gold Pre Workout Review, you will find out everything you need to know. From the experience, ingredients, side effects, and more!

How Much DMAA Is In Dark Labs Crack Gold?

Dark Labs has released a limited edition gold version of its infamous Crack pre workout.

How Much DMAA Is In Dark Labs Crack Gold? This is top-shelf and one of my personal all-time favorites. If you want something incredibly intense and euphoric, this is it.

As usual, another heavy hitter in the stim category!

DMAA: 100 mg

Eria Jarensis: 300 mg

DMHA: 200 mg

Caffeine: 400 mg


Just like all of the other Dark Labs products, Crack Gold has so many intense ingredients.

Of course it has Gernaium Extract (DMAA), 2-Aminoisoheptane, and Alpha Yohimbine. They come together super well in this pre workout.


Caffeine Anhydrous – 300mg

First you have caffeine anhydrous. The stimulant we have all grown to know and love. 300mg of caffeine provides the energy boost in Crack Gold.

Caffeine Citrate – 200mg

Now, combined with the 300 mg of caffeine anhydrous, the 200 mg of citrate does wonders. Just a super clean energy kick that lasts for hours.

Geranium Extract – 100mg

Also known as DMAA, Geranium extract is going to provide a mood elevation/intensity aspect to the experience. DMAA is the infamous stimulant that in most cases, is going to instill a crazy drive in you.

Alpha GPC – 500mg

Then we have Alpha GPC which is one the many focus ingredients in Crack Gold. 500mg is a really nice dose.

Eria Jarensis Extract – 300mg

Another ingredient that plays into the euphoria you will experience post-gym. Eria Jarensis is generally going to improve the cognitive effects.

Hordenine – 50mg

Seen more often in pre workouts, I love Hordenine. The 50mg of Hordenine acts as an extreme energizer/fat-burning ingredient.

Alpha Yohimbine – 1mg

Then we have Alpha Yohimbine which is an intensity ingredient. Providing a thermal effect that ‘spices’ up the experience.

2-Aminoisoheptane – 2o0mg

Also known as DMHA, this is a hard-hitting stimulant that adds to the focus and euphoria aspect of this pre workout.

Beta Alanine – 2g

Beta Alanine is an ingredient I love. This provides the tingling that gives you that buzz throughout your body.

The Beta Alanine is a bit underdosed in this pre workout. So if you do not like the buzz, this is a great medium.

Naringin – 25mg

Moreover, Naringin provides even more of that itchy feeling. Supposedly, it has some health benefits as well.

Citrulline Malate – 5g

Similarly, 5 grams of L-Citrulline is going to lead to solid pumps. The typical dosage is 6 grams.

L-Tyrosine – 500mg

Tyrosine is a focus ingredient that is supposed to get you dialed in during the workout.

Agmatine Sulfate – 1g

Agmatine Sulfate is a common ingredient in pump pre workouts. 1g will increase power output as well as improving absorption.

Black Pepper Extract – 10mg

Lastly, an absorption ingredient that improves the intake experience with Crack Gold so you don’t have to suffer while taking the pre workout. Studies have also shown Black Pepper Extract to have some cerebral benefits.


I tried Gold Limited Edition on 1 full scoop, which equals 25 servings. The Refreshing Watermelon is the one I used and it was pretty good. And that is all for flavors.

As for the experience, this is a beautiful pre workout. That is the best way to describe it.

This one hits harder and faster than the Original Crack. For me, this hit in 5 minutes. This is extremely fast compared to any pre workout.

Soon after I started feeling positive mood elevation and euphoria. And the euphoria feeling gets stronger as I worked out.

The crazy thing is, there is more euphoria after the gym. The buzz that I had while training stayed for hours after.

Energy-wise, this is intense but tolerable. My heart rate did not skyrocket or anything like that.

Great focus as well. I was dialed in for the better half of the session. I was vibing to music and thinking about nothing else.

There are also solid pumps with Crack Gold. I definitely felt swole with increased vascularity.

The one thing I do want t0 mention is the crazy appetite suppression. This is great if you are on a cut and want to lose weight. I personally did not want to eat until 4-5 hours after the workout.

At the end of the day, this pre workout feels illicit. You should only be using this if you are a stim junkie.

If you are a stim junkie, this is one that you need to take. Crack Gold will probably not be around for too long.


  • Amazing Mood Elevation/Euphoria
  • Laser Focus
  • Buzzed Feeling
  • Solid Pumps
  • Hits Fast & Hard
  • Good Flavors


  • Strong Appetite Suppression (Maybe a benefit if you want to lose weight)

Cannot go wrong with Crack if you are a true stim junkie. So, How Much DMAA Is In Dark Labs Crack Gold? Cannot go wrong with Crack if you are a true stim junkie. If you are interested, read our Dark Labs Crack Gold Review too.

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