Dark Labs Crack Reloaded Gym Pre Workout Supplement

Do you know Dark Labs Crack Reloaded Gym Pre Workout Supplement? If not, it’s the right time to catch up with our Crack Reloaded Pre Workout Supplement Review. Dark Labs is one of the most recognizable brands in the dietary supplement market. In their product range, you will find several products that have gained a cult following. One of them is the Crack pre-workout. Read our Crack Reloaded Pre Workout Review before buying. Importantly, this product has recently undergone another reformulation, and we can offer you the latest version of this supplement!

Dark Labs Crack Reloaded Gym Pre Workout Supplement

The Crack Reloaded pre-workout can once again set new standards in the dietary supplement market. This is because Dark Labs has no intention of falling back from the level it has achieved. This is why the formula is again based on proven ingredients with scientifically proven effectiveness. However, there were also some modifications…

Here are the ingredients contained in the new version of Crack Reloaded pre-workout:

– Citrulline Malate 2:1 – When someone talks about an excellent pre-workout nutrient, you might immediately assume it contains citrulline. This is an essential amino acid that enhances nitric oxide synthesis. Therefore taking citrulline just before a workout will ensure potent vasodilation and better oxygenation of your muscles. A more muscular muscle pump will also be a pleasant addition.

– Beta-alanine – several proven supplements increase muscle endurance. However, only a few compounds can match beta-alanine in this regard. This amino acid has been subjected to numerous studies, and the results left no shadow of a doubt. Scientists have concluded that beta-alanine is one of the most effective dietary supplements to increase body performance.

– Choline bicinate – currently on the market, you can find supplements containing various forms of choline. However, the choline bicinate has some unique features as it improves cognitive abilities. Thus, it is a nootropic compound. Thanks to it, you will be able to maintain your concentration and focus more easily during workouts.

– Agmatine sulfate – this compound is a metabolite of arginine, which means that it works much more efficiently than arginine itself. Therefore, it provides even better effects in the form of more muscular vasodilation. This, in turn, will make your muscle pump more potent than ever before!

– Lion’s Mane Extract – Sea urchin is a mushroom that has earned the common name Lion’s Mane because of its unique appearance. However, in its case, it is not just the appearance that is interesting. This is because this mushroom has equally unique properties, as it supports cognitive function while also acting as an antioxidant.

– Alpha-GPC – another popular form of choline is Alpha-GPC. This form also has a very positive effect on overall cognitive abilities and memory. At the same time, it can improve blood supply to the brain, which only enhances its health-promoting properties.

– Beta-phenylethylamine – although this is a compound with a very complicated name, it occurs naturally in the bodies of all humans. Beta-phenylethylamine has been shown to have a strong stimulant effect, which is why it helps with athletic performance. What is clear is that this compound also stimulates the nervous system.

– Eria Jarensis Extract – The plant known as Eria Jarensis has become a hit in the dietary supplement market in recent years. Athletes have come to appreciate its stimulating properties and its potential to increase levels of certain hormones (such as dopamine and adrenaline).

– Caffeine anhydrous and caffeine citrate – the combination of these two forms of caffeine guarantees a powerful stimulating effect which will work even in people with high tolerance!

– Halostachine and theobromine – these two alkaloids found in cocoa beans have a stimulating effect and stimulate fat burning.

– Isopropylnorsynephrine – is one of the most potent known compounds that enhance lipid breakdown. As a result, it promotes rapid fat burning.

– Noopept – synthetic noopept is a known substance with nootropic effects. Noopept is very effective in improving memory and helps in maintaining concentration.

– Extract from Rauwolfia Vomitoria root – plant alkaloids in this root increase adrenaline and noradrenaline levels, which translates into better sports results and faster fat burning.

– Huperzia Serrata Extract (standardized to at least 1% huperzine) – the extract obtained from Huperzia increases the concentration of acetylcholine in the nervous system. This, in turn, leads to improvements in almost all significant cognitive abilities.


Mix 1-2 scoops of formula with water and drink 15-20 minutes before training. If you have any doubts on this product, read our Is Dark Labs Crack Pre Workout Legal article here.

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