Dark Labs Crack Pre Workout Is In The Tests

A drug made from cocaine salt and sodium hydrogen carbonate, smoked in small pipes and next to methamphetamine the drug with the highest psychological addiction potential, that is crack. So, Dark Labs Crack Pre Workout Is In The Tests.

Passionate iron athletes are rightly called junkies and addicts, because it is not uncommon for them to indulge in sport and lifestyle to an exaggerated degree. They are also consumers of performance-enhancing substances, so that a training booster with a correspondingly associative name does not seem inappropriate.

In the course of this review, we will clarify whether the crack actually promises a similar euphoric, mood-enhancing and, last but not least, addiction-promoting effect.

Dark Labs Crack Pre Workout Is In The Tests?

Psychoactive and highly performance-enhancing consequences of taking are part of the desired spectrum of effects, which the Dark Labs brand has not yet owed due to its new position on the market. With the crack and some other promising supplements in the hardcore segment, the brand from Warsaw in Poland makes a clear statement and makes its target group more than clear.

The brand portfolio also includes fat burners and test boosters. The fact that the regulations and restrictions with regard to the selection of ingredients, quality and purity in the neighboring Eastern European state may be less strict, is to be viewed critically from a health point of view, but certainly plays into the cards for the die-hard booster fan. Many people wonder about Crack Pre Workout Is In The Tests. At least Dark Labs recently added ADRENALINE and FLAME to the turmoil, so we have certain expectations – so let’s take a closer look!

Ingredients: Active ingredient club testifies to know-how

The active ingredients contained are listed transparently under the supplement facts of the label and are broken down in precise quantities depending on the dosage (40 heaped scoops of 8,5g each or 20 heaped scoops of 17g each). Almost a dozen (11 active ingredients in total) pump substances, stimulants and extracts are listed and result in a total of approx. 40g of active ingredients with small doses (7,9 servings).

Pump substances

In descending order according to the amount of raw material it contains, makes Citrulline Malate (2: 1) the beginning and is dosed with 4000mg. The non-essential amino acid stimulates nitric oxide production and promotes blood circulation. The associated transport of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle affects its maintenance and growth, and last but not least, training performance and regeneration benefit. The so-called pump effect – a firm or fuller and vascular musculature is a symbol of an improved breakdown of pollutants and a potentially increased mass build-up. 

The non-essential amino acid Beta alanine contains 1500mg and reduces the intramuscular pH value by increasing the carnosine level and weakening lactic acid production. Thus it indirectly promotes the increase in the training volume, since more repetitions are possible with / until late onset of muscle fatigue. Last but not least, the pump effect described above also benefits from this. In the long term, you will achieve increased muscle growth and the permanently increased carnosine level will also strengthen the immune system. 

The amino acid L-Arginine structurally similar agmatines Sulphates, contained in a dosage of 750mg, promotes the pump through different mechanisms than that contained, for example Citrulline. By inhibiting the nitric oxide synthase enzyme, it leads to an increase in the nitric oxide level via a different pathway and thus also supports the pump. The profits already described, such as nutrient transport and supply, as well as muscle fullness and vascularity, are further supported in this regard. 

The amino acid Arginine is contained in the crack in a nitrate-esterified dosage form of 500mg. This salt is said to have a supporting effect of improved blood circulation, accompanied by increased strength and endurance levels, etc., but it is converted to nitrite in the body, which is repeatedly associated with cancer and reduced oxygen uptake in the blood (suffocation of small children) is called. It remains to be seen why this dosage form of the amino acid, which is otherwise almost legendary, was chosen …

500mg Beet Root Powder, on the other hand, comes from the corner of the completely natural active ingredients and naturally contains large amounts of nitrate – which is beneficial for the formation of NO.

In addition to widening the blood vessels and the well-known pump consequences, beetroot counteracts over-acidification of the body and, as a valuable antioxidant, strengthens the immune system and prevents inflammatory reactions in the body.

L-Norvaline, contained in an amount of 125mg, in turn has a different effect on the pumping by having a positive effect on the arginine level. With the German authorities it is in disrepute due to ambivalent evidence with regard to its “safety” in terms of health, but is not controversial in terms of its effectiveness.

Stimulants / Motivation / Concentration

Choline Bitartrate (250mg in the crack) is a micronutrient that plays a crucial role in the brain in relaying information. The resulting neurotransmitter / messenger substance acetylcholine has considerable consequences on cognitive performance, but fat metabolism is also crucial Choline certainly. 

200mg anhydrous Caffeine hardly need any further explanation, but are undisputed with regard to their enormous performance-enhancing effect. Be it the increased pulse rate, the stronger heartbeat or the dilated blood vessels. Ultimately, you benefit from a noticeably increased alertness, increased concentration and, last but not least, a restrained appetite.

The highlight and last but not least, the promotional ingredient No. 1 in crack is 1,3-Dimethylamylamine or DMAA, a legendary ingredient in boosters. At this point we call on the inexperienced consumers to find out about this ingredient on the WorldWideWeb, but let me say one thing: It is what makes this booster hardcore and contains 60mg.

There is also Sceletium Tortuosum Extract, also known as Kanna, a species of plant belonging to the ice plant family. Their main alkaloids mesembrine, mesembrenine and tortuosamine have a sedative and traumatic effect. The senses are sensitized and pain is relieved. Furthermore is Kanna Relieves anxiety and stress and increases the ability to concentrate.

Grains of paradise or grains of paradise probably have a similar benefit as black pepper extract to support the symbiosis of the active ingredients. However, in African naturopathy, the ginger plant is also used to treat skin problems, colic, gastritis and even broken bones, herpes and rheumatism.

But it is probably the circulatory stimulating and warming effect that this booster is intended to achieve. 

Ingredient conclusion:

The composition of the crack is very promising. Surely it’s the addition of DMAA, which assigns this booster to the hardcore segment, but it is more than rock solid, especially with regard to its pump substances and is supplemented by some fun factors through the stimulants and extracts it contains. 

The extent to which the last-mentioned plant extracts actually hide herbal “medicinal herbs”, or whether there is one or the other dubious synthetic “drug” behind them, should only be considered as a precaution with a view to the then very powerful effect of the crack.

The can of the crack is kept classic black and picks up some color details that indicate the respective taste of the booster. On the front, the silvery lettering shines in capital letters and is overwritten by a brand logo, which looks suspiciously similar to the logo templates of the freeware graphics program Canva .. it doesn’t look bad, but those who know their way around have to smile. The product description “Ultra intense pre-workout formula” and the pithy signature “120mg DMAA“- this is misleading insofar as it concerns the dosage of only 20 servings. On the back you can find the supplement facts and comprehensive dosage and warning information – everything tip-top and serious.

Effect: Some of the best you can get at the moment

It is certainly important to consider that each booster has a different effect on different consumers. So this review is only a subjective-anecdotal representation of experiences. This is secured by comparing experiences in our team, but ultimately we can only express tendencies.

That much should be said, regardless of whether it is 1 scoop or 2 scoops, the crack is truly a hardcore booster whose dosage only needs to be adapted to the stature and tolerance of its user. If this ratio fits, we can promise a resounding effect with an accompanying strong performance promotion.

Over-all conclusion

In short: The crack is currently one of the best boosters you can find in the hardcore segment. The addition of further pump substances is not absolutely necessary and given the really fair price you have about 30 extremely good training units for good money. The side effects are an evil that must be accepted, but should not be new to most of you and can actually be tolerated.

In terms of drive and aggressiveness, there is currently little comparable material on the market, so we can give an unreserved purchase recommendation. Then have fun, but that you don’t become dependent on us. Also, read our Dark Labs Crack Gold Review to learn about this brand more.

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